Quality Assurance

ISO 9001-2015 Meghna Star Cables & Electrical Appliances Ltd. is committed to:


Meghna Star cables has always extensively taken care of its technical services and support system so that the customers can always feel free to contact with us whenever they feel like it. We offer full time before sale and after sale services so that our customers and our potential customers feel flexible and comfort when they plan on contacting us. We always try to produce products that are capable enough to withstand any hazardous blow but even if any problems arise, our support team is always ready to help. Even if our delivered products need any kinds of modification or any feature needs to be added, we are more than happy to help if it means the enhancement of the performance.

Information to be provided with Inquiry or order
To provide the best technical service to our valued customers, and to make sure that the offered cables are the most appropriate for the intended applications, the following information should be given with an enquiry or order:
● the required design standard, if important;
● length of cable required and individual drum lengths, if important;
● voltage designation;
● number of cores;
● size of conductor;
● conductor material (i.e. copper or aluminium);
● type of conductor (i.e. stranded or solid, circular or shaped);
● whether cable is liable to be exposed to any potentially aggressive environments (e.g. water, oil or acid);
● type of armour, if required (i.e. wire armour or strip armour);
● other special conditions or specific requirements.
General Criteria for Cables Selection
It is of vital importance that the type of cable ordered is suitable for its intended use. It is essential to consider the specific system and installation conditions, relevant local regulations, and the performance characteristics of appropriate cable types to be able to select the right cable.
It is therefore impossible to provide a conclusive guide to cable selection, however, the following factors should be taken into account when selecting a suitable cable:
● Maximum operating voltage
● System frequency
● Insulation level
● Length of line
● Voltage drop
● Load characteristics, i.e. type, magnitude, duration, etc.
● Mode of installation, i.e. in air, in underground or in ducts, etc.
● Chemical and physical properties of soil
● National legislation and regulations
● Specific requirements to be met

We would advise you to contact our technical support team for our specialist advice on suitable designs to meet your specific cable needs.



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