Quality Assurance

ISO 9001-2015 Meghna Star Cables & Electrical Appliances Ltd. is committed to:


Various Procedures Are Followed In Order To Test The Different Kinds Of Raw Materials And Cables. We Are Serious About The Importance Of Quality Assurance In Our Plant So That We Can Build A Trusting Relation With The Consumers.

1. Raw materials needed to manufacture the best of the cable products are carefully chosen and procured from suppliers who can offer the best quality materials. Only imported copper and other needed materials are used in production because we don’t believe in compromising with the quality.

2. A team consisting of minds experienced with quality control and assurance is always overlooking the production from start to finish. These experts have years of experience with cable products as they have worked in the industry for years with stride.

3. End users always have requirements in mind regarding the different types of materials, how they want them made, how they want them delivered and these requirements are followed and understood through vigorous, strict assessment and inspection in order to deliver the products according to the end users.

4. The materials and the products are always tested through the latest testing equipment and machineries which are regulated and calibrated by highly technical and experienced staff.

5. Our products can also withstand tests done through other third parties like BUET, DUET, MIST and many more.

Performance :

1. To ensure trouble free performance, the manufacturing plant is filled with experienced technicians, engineers, managers and labors who were recruited through strict assessment tests and interviews in order to work efficiently.

2. Strict systems have been put in motion in order to efficiently and properly churn out products from procurement of raw materials, to production and to packaging and all these steps are regulated and overseen by experienced regulation bodies.

Customer Satisfaction:

Top priority for the satisfaction of customers has always been the utmost priority for Meghna Star Cables. We offer top quality and reliable products consistently, swift delivery, quality assurance and 24 hours technical support.



The company has been incorporated under the companies Act 1994 on July 17, 2017 at Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms in Bangladesh.